Circus Scoop April 2017

The second of our monthly what’s on where videos for circus in the UK. We’re still tweaking the format, so do let us know any comments or suggestions! Links to all the companies and events mentioned are below:

Let’s Circus

Big Kid Circus 

Circus of Horrors

Ellie Dubois

Circus Funtasia

Planet Circus

Gandey’s Thrill Circus

Circus Starr

Circus Tyanna

Mr Fips Wonder Circus

Circus Mondao

Charles Chipperfield

Uncle Sam’s Great American Circus

Paulos Circus

Moscow State Circus

Omidaze (Romeo & Juliet)

Pirates of the Carabina

Jay Millers Circus

Gerry Cottle’s WOW Circus

Circus Zyair

John Lawson’s Circus

Chaplin’s Circus

Santus Circus

Zippos Circus

Circus Wonderland

Chinese State Circus

Russell’s International Circus

Hippodrome Great Yarmouth

Blackpool Tower Circus

Circus Friends Association

British Juggling Convention

Midlands Circus Network

EXplore 2017

My Aerial Home

Canvas 2017

Race Horse Company

Nearly There Yet

Ockham’s Razor

Jacksons Lane

Tweedy the Clown

Cie Nuua

Barely Methodical Troupe

Insect Circus

The New American Circus

War Circus

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