ARCHAOS ARCHIVE – An excellent and growing archive of material documenting the seminal French troupe

ASTLEY’S LEGACY – Website formed to counter misinformation and propaganda in relation to performing animals.

BRITISH CIRCUSES – A list of UK companies producing circus performance

CARNAVAL SZTUK-MISTRZÓW – KNOWLEDGE – Articles on circus related activity, including political, social and historical angles

CASCAS – Documentation on circus and street art contexts from the UK, FInland, Belgium and Sweden

CIRCOPEDIA – A Big Apple Circus project building an encyclopaedic resource of all things circus.  Still some large holes, but will grow with time

CIRCOSTRADA – European agency for the support and recognition of street arts and circus

CIRCUS250 – A new site that will act as a hub for events and activity to celebrate the 250th birthday circus in 2018.

CIRCUSCENTRUM – Advocacy and development agency for circus in the Flemish region of Belgium. Articles, events, opportunities, artist profiles, and publishers of CircusMagazine, printed quarterly.

CIRCUS DEVELOPMENT NETWORK – organisation set up to advocate for UK circus, originally under the name Circus Development Agency  **This hasn’t seen any activity for a long time, but there is still an active Facebook group here updated with events and opportunities **

CIRCUS DICTIONARY – An excellent video resource illustrating named tricks across different disciplines

CIRCUS DISCIPLINES – A quick non-exhaustive guide to various circus disciplines, courtesy of the National Circus School of Canada

CIRCUS FEDERATION – International circus advocacy organisation

CIRCUS FRIENDS ASSOCIATION – Publishers of quarterly UK circus magazine King Pole, and organisers of events

CIRCUS GEEKS – Contemporary blogs, videos and articles from current circus artists

CIRCUS HISTORY LIBRARY – Archive and links from the Circus Historical Society.  Focus on traditional US touring circus

CIRCUS IN DENMARK – News and reviews from Danish and European circus shows and events

CIRCUS MUSEUM NL – Large collection of circus posters to view and buy,  and foreign language circus books that you can read online (mostly Dutch, German or French)

CIRCUS NEWS – Despite appearances, this site is currently being maintained, with fascinating news articles relevant to circus still being added to the archive.

CIRCUS NOW – A US advocacy community for contemporary circus

CIRCUS-ONLINE – A fantastic and current site for German speakers, with news, reviews and photos from European touring circuses

CIRCUS POST – A series of short films contextualising the development of contemporary circus over the past 40 years, produced by Crying Out Loud.

CIRCUS PUNT – An information hub and forum for discourse on contemporary circus in the Netherlands

CIRCUS REPORT – A fortnightly print newsletter covering shows and events pertaining to US tenting circus

CIRCUS TALK – International networking and news site.

CIRCUSWEB – Circus news, information and tour info for Belgium and the Netherlands

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL – Videos defining the 8 key characteristics of the world’s largest corporate circus.

CONTORTION HOME PAGE – News, glossary, links and training advice on contortion

EN PISTE – The Canadian advocacy and development agency for circus

EUROPEAN CIRCUS FESTIVALS – An expanding list of places to see circus

INCAM – International Network of Circus Arts Magazines

INITIATIVE NEUER ZIRKUS – A German advocacy network for contemporary circus

INTERNATIONAL JUGGLERS ASSOCIATION – Advice and networking for jugglers, including the online magazine eJuggle

JUGGLING INFORMATION SERVICE – Links to performers, organisations, and examples of juggling in the media.  Website is no longer updated, but still hosts a wide variety of sources to investigate.

JUGGLING HISTORY – Essay on the development of juggling internationally, prior to vaudeville

MONTREAL WORKING GROUP ON CIRCUS – A circus research hub with global scope, organising projects, publications and events

NEWS – Weekly round-up of the best of the web

NORTH-EAST CIRCUS NEWS – News, events, profiles and reviews from the circus community of England’s North-East.

PALACE OF VARIETIES – Timeline of developments in UK circus 1960s-2006

RINGLING – Info on some of the star performers from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey combined circus.  You probably want to turn the sound off.

SIDESHOW MAGAZINE – Archived online contemporary circus magazine based in the UK.  Reviews, interviews and articles.

SIDESHOW WORLD – Archive documenting sideshow and freak acts.

SIMPLY CIRCUS – Excellent bibliographic database, and other links to research resources

SIRKUS INFO – An online hub for Finnish circus, providing information on companies, events, history and industry developments

SPECTACLE MAGAZINE – US based online circus magazine, includes features, brief news, and reviews

THE WIDOW STANTON – In-depth interviews with people working in and around the circus industry

UNPACK THE ARTS – Long-form articles from European circus festivals, exploring what circus means today.

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