#CircusVoices Edinburgh 2016

The #CircusVoices development scheme is an initiative to build a culture of critical discourse around circus arts, inspired by the Unpack The Arts programme, but focused on introducing critical vocabularies to the circus industry, rather than circus languages to existing arts journalists.

The first residency took place at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2016, with support towards accommodation costs from the Roundhouse, and public relations assistance and ticket provision from Crying Out Loud, produced and run by The Circus Diaries founder Katharine Kavanagh.

The successful applicants spent a week at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, seeing and responding to circus-based work, meeting industry professionals, and pushing their critical comfort zones through workshop exercises.

Their first written content comes after four days of Fringe immersion…

Only Bones, by Kallo Collective

Tipping Point, by Ockham’s Razor

A Simple Space, by Gravity & Other Myths

Water on Mars, by Plastic Boom

The second batch of submitted content comes after a further two days at the Fringe, following group explorations of different forms critical response can take, and with more thorough editorial feedback.

Image: Selfie With Eggs, by Natalie Reckert

Imbalance, by Joli Vyann

Attrape-Moi, by Flip FabriQue

Elixirby Head First Acrobats

Throwbackby Silver Lining

Bedtime Stories, by Upswing

For further documentation of activity over the week, including live video responses and discussion topics, see the Storify below…


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