The Metamodern Circus

The Metamodern Circus symposium was a one-day event in Cardiff on May 26th 2023, where we partnered with the Metamodern Festival to explore the intersections of circus and metamodernism through talks, workshop and performance to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Circus Diaries! (You can take a trip back through time and see our first ever post by clicking HERE).

You can catch up on the events of the day using the video links below, and further down the page you’ll also find a PDF of the documentation booklet that was produced by attendees after the event.

Introduction from Katharine Kavanagh
VIDEO: Andy Wain
Keynote 1, from Dr Tom Drayton
VIDEO: Andy Wain

Keynote 2, from Luke Hallgarten
VIDEO: Andy Wain

‘Plant Juggling’, Performance from Valentina Solari
VIDEO: Andy Wain

Excerpt from ‘Highway to Infinity’, work-in-progress from Symoné
VIDEO: Andy Wain

‘Fight or Flight’, short film from Hobbit

‘Circus and Genealogy’, a talk from Pete Yelding

Group discussion panel
VIDEO: Andy Wain

Closing from Thom Hamer


‘The Really Fantastic and the Fantastically Real: Doing Circus Now’

Click the link to read online, or download your own copy for later!

(We also have some hard copies available. If you would like to receive one please get in touch using the buttons at the bottom of the page.)

Finally, if you still want to see more, everyone who booked to come in person was sent a small zine in advance to whet their appetite. You can read a copy by clicking the link or the download button below…