‘Släpstick’, by Wereldband

Assembly George Square Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe; 16th August 2017

Go See if: You like clowning and super talented musicians

Stay away if: Props annoy you

A virtuosic band, each musician playing multiple instruments whilst delivering comic and tragic characters where timing, positioning and expressions are delivered to minute detail. Clever musical arrangements are energetically delivered whilst maintaining character, atmosphere and theatrical play. 1920’s jazz flavoured, even when the barbershop quartet delves into a German rendition of Uptown Funk or Bohemian Rhapsody – it doesn’t alter our understanding of the Wereldband‘s dandy characters and homage to comedy legends such as Laurel and Hardy. One can’t help wonder if this is a lifetime of skills blended together, with complex musical arrangements, a startling array of slapstick props and high level clowning. Very entertaining with high production values, excellent musicianship and exquisite performances.

This response was produced as part of the #CircusVoices scheme for developing critical languages around circus arts.

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