‘Garcimore Est Mort’, by Gaël Santisteva

Review from: CIRCa Festival, Auch; October 2022

This review was written as part of a module on the BA Circus degree at SKH. You can read more student reviews from CIRCa here.

This review is dedicated to all audience, and especially to people who want to see something that exits completely from any other convention and rule.

This show tells you indirectly from the beginning that it would be the opposite of what you are used to seeing. After a prologue of the show where the artists are on stage (even if the very beginning of the show didn’t start) they start to tell you everything that will happen on stage. Gaël Santisteva, the director of the show and one of the four artists of his piece, breaks every surprise, surprisingly spoiling all the themes that the whole show will pass through.

They tell us everything, important and unnecessary things. They tell us the cost of the show, how they are paid, who’s the director of the show, how the show will be… We are directly informed about why the show has this name, and how the process of creation was.

We know about the shape, the rhythm of this show, that is decreasing in its tempo. We know that there will be some costumes and some magic; we also know who will really be called from the audience at the moment of asking for a ‘volunteer’. They tell us everything, as they laugh at us a bit, doing the opposite of what we want.

Three actors always on stage, sometimes hiding behind their circular wired curtains that move with a motor and take space on the left side of the stage. Another actor that arrives after a while from the public, a borderline character, more so than the three others.


Languages that we don’t expect to hear, scenes that we don’t expect to see.



Absurdity, but also coherence in their purpose.

Spoilers and information that we cannot know how much is true.

The explanation of their “magic treeks”.

This show is for someone that wants to see something extraordinary, not common, and doesn’t fear the taboo. Or, maybe, this show is even more for those who do fear the different and the taboo! Try it and we will see…

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