Bubble shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Review from: ‘Milkshake and the Winter Bubble’, by Bubble Laboratory at Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, 17th August 2019

‘The Bubble Show for Adults Only’, by Bubble Laboratory, at theSpace Venue 45; 17th August 2019

‘The Bubble Show’, by The Highland Joker at Assembly George Square Gardens; 18th August 2019

Unsure of which bubble themed show to see at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019? Have no fear, this easy guide of what to expect will help you decide just what it is you’re going to a bubble show for…

A comparative chart that illustrates all three shows have the following features: Big bubbles; Small bubbles; Bubbles filled with smoke; Bubbles inside of other bubbles; Someone making a square bubble; A vague storyline and characters; A bubble on an audience member's head; Audience participation (but only The Bubble Show' has lots). The Bubble Show is also the only one to contain more talking than bubbles. Both The Bubble Show and Milkshake and the Winter Bubble have bubbles used as snow. Both The Bubble Show and The Bubble Show for Adults Only have a few over-excited boys being silly in the audience. The Bubble Show For Adults Only is the only one that uses bubbles as boobs and penises, but not as much as you'd think. None of the shows have nudity or super rude sexiness, and none of the shows have bubbles that anyone past the front row can touch, although after the Milkshake and the Winter Bubble show children are welcome to stand inside their own bubble. All three shows gave the reviewer a super weird and awkward feel that made her wish it was easy to slip out without going across the stage.

In summary, we can see from the chart that all three bubble shows contain the same tricks with bubbles and are merely presenting them in a different way. If you are the sort of person who when they see a lot of bubbles goes “Bubbles!”, or the sort of person that when they see a really big bubble, applauds, then you may attend any of these bubble shows. If you are a child you will not be permitted into the adults only show.

Special mention to Milkshake and Dr Bubble for the largest collection of props that make bubbles and for doing stuff with bubbles. But I imagine they are best to be left as a surprise.

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  • Ludwig Racz , Direct link to comment

    Hi! I think it is great that you are doing comparative review. You know there are other 2 bubble shows in the Fringe, if you want to expand on your graph. Double Bubble Trouble and The Amazing Bubble Man Louis Pearl. Thanks

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