‘The Storm’, by James Wilton Dance

Review from: Dance Base, Edinburgh Festival Fringe; 20th August 2019

When I went to see this seven-person show by James Wilton Dance at Dance Base I found myself very much out of my comfort zone. My ticket was booked on the basis that the production is advertised as a fusion of ‘acrobatics, break-dancing, martial arts and contact work’, but this is definitely a contemporary dance show and not in any way a circus show. I do not pretend to know very much about the art form and, although I found it interesting to watch, it is not something that I would usually go and see. When it comes to reviewing I definitely felt out of my depth. It seemed unfair to write about it and so, instead of pretending that I have any expertise, I have settled for creating a word cloud of the feelings that it evoked for me…

A collection of words in shades of grey and different sizes, all the same thin sans-serif font. Overall the words make a random jagged shape, and the words, in order of prominence, read Frantic, Grabbing, Jolt, Hopeless, Affect, Disturbance, Addictive, Sporadic, Possess, Repress, Clinging, Clutching, Block, Cycle, Internalised, Repetition, Control, Isolation, Reaching, Whirlwind, Destruction

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