Serious Circus

With the traditional circus season over in Europe, and Christmas not quite upon us, early December seems to be the optimum time for getting circus folk together to discuss what makes the industry – and the art form – tick.

Over the first 3 weeks of December, 3 countries will each be hosting their own circus seminars, each with a different angle.

On December 2nd, the Dutch city of Utrecht hosts CircusSymposium: the artistic state of affairs in the circus.  With international speakers from makers to academics, as well as performances from Dutch circus schools Codarts and ACaPA, the one-day event will focus on current trends within both Classical and New circus.

From 12th-14th, the University of Tampere in Finland will be hosting a ‘Celebration Seminar‘ on social circus around the world, including workshop sessions along with discussions and talks.

Then on the 18th December, Stockholm’s University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) are holding a day-long event focussing on Women in Circus.  For more information, contact

Unfortunately, other commitments prevent me from attending any of the above, so if you know of any further events, or can feed back from these, do get in touch!

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