‘Lontano’, by Cie 7bis

Review from: CIRCa Festival, Auch; October 2022

This review was written as part of a module on the BA Circus degree at SKH. You can read more student reviews from CIRCa here.

This review is for the normal audience who are interested to see the show by Cie 7bis.

The stage is completely dark. Only the silhouette of the artist can be seen. The light fades in; Marica Marinoni steps in the ring for a real fight. She put on her boxing gloves and prepares herself to take on her biggest enemy. The Cyr Wheel! Intense music is playing, the lights are pulsing and the audience is dead quiet. She is spinning in the wheel and sliding on the floor, jumping and twisting. The sound of the bell can be heard. The first round is over and she is already sweating. Red light is shining on the stage and the atmosphere is filled with tension. Second round begins and she is hitting the wheel with her boxing gloves to make it go around the stage and back to her. She gets knocked by the wheel and falls on the floor. Everything seems hopeless but hope is the last thing that leaves a human. She goes up again during the third and final round. She is now doing even more crazy and unorthodox tricks that you did not know were possible. It is an intense fight and finishes when the wheel is on the ground, knocked out. She has beaten her greatest enemy. The audience is clapping intensively when the light fades out.

It is for sure an intense show and you do not have to be an artist or a person who enjoys art. This show is for everybody! Kids and adults will applicate the show equally. The show is about her relation between her and the Cyr wheel and the history they have together. It is an emotional and action filled show with spectacular movement and music and light that will lift up the atmosphere in the theatre. Marica Marinoni has a great presence on the stage and you will not be disappointed by the show.

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