Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Photo Diary

During this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, alongside our regular reviews we have circus photographer Mark Robson from Inept Gravity documenting his days through pictures. This post will grow as the festival goes on, so do pop back!

Follow a bit of a delay after leaving Edinburgh and returning to all my other work here are Days 6, 7 and 8. Just Day 9 left to do, hopefully it will be up at the weekend.

From Day 6 of shooting La Galerie (by Machine de Cirque), My Land (by Recirquel) and Limb(e)s (by Ci Co) …

A stage scene with 7 people spread across the stage. to the far left is a woman stood on a white box pointing. Then there are 2 men sitting on similar boxes leaning to the left. In the middle is a man sat on another box holding the ankle of another man who is stood on the box both are leaning away from each other. In the background is a woman sat down leaning to the left. And on the far right is a man sat down leaning to the right.
La Galerie by Machine de Cirque
An orange circle of sand in a black background. In the circle is stood a man who has another man balancing upside down in splits on his head. Sand falls from the top man's hands
My Land by Recirquel
A dark blue scene with two lights at the top with beams purple light coming from them making a v shape. In the V are 2 aerial performers, A man hanging upside down from loops of rope with a woman hanging upside down from his arms by her hooked leg, arms out stretched.
Limb(e)s by Ci Co

Just 1 show on Day 7 Blizzard (by Flip Fabrique ) …

A dark blue stage scene with 4 people stood on the stage and another 2 people in the air above them. One vertical and one horizontal. They have clearly been thrown in the air by the group on the stage who are now waiting to catch them.
Blizzard by Flip Fabrique

And Day 8 photos from a tech/dress run of Staged (by Circumference) …

A square wooden platform is suspended in the air by rigging from above. It is at an angle and looks like flying decking. On the decking are 3 performer. 2 women lying on it and a man kind of balancing on his hands.
Staged by Circumference

(Final Day should be up soon!)

From Day 1 of shooting at the fringe we have Yuck Circus, Humans (by Circa) and Super Sunday (by Race Horse Company)…

6 women in black tops and pants  holding red ribbons in a group pose. In the background another woman talks into a microphone and raises her arm.
Yuck Circus
A woman in a black tee shirt and shorts walking on the heads of a line of 6 men and 1 woman all standing up wearing the same costume.
Humans by Circa
3 men wearing horse costumes with one of them standing on the shoulders of another of the men.
Super Sunday by Race Horse Company

From Day 2 of shooting we have DNA (by Casus) and Backbone (by Gravity and Other Myths)…

To the lefthand side a woman in red underwear stood on the heads of 2 other women who are on their knees
to the right a man in red trousers and no top sits on the back of a chair.
DNA by Casus
2 people doing straight handstands side on to the camera with smoke coming in from the left.
Backbone by Gravity and Other Myths

From Day 3 of shooting we have Kombini (by Les Foutoukours), xoxo moongirl (by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre) and the Atomic Saloon Show (by Spiegelworld). There was meant to be Le Coup as well but the venue was shut due to severe weather (lightning) just before the show…

A clown in a baggy brown striped costume upside down balanced on 2 chairs with his legs apart
Kombini by Les Foutouours
A girl in white on red silks hanging next to a table  with a vodka bottle and glass on it. The girl is pulling a slightly mad face
xoxo moongirl by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre
A nun stood on a stage, her arms out straight to either side with 2 white juggling rings on each arm and a ping pong ball in her mouth
Atomic Saloon Show

From Day 4 of shooting we have This Time (by Ockham’s Razor), Raven (by Still Hungry) and The Long Pigs (by WE3) …

A man hanging upside down holding a woman around her waist hanging underneath him. All in a black background
This Time by Ockham’s Razor
A orange sofa with a baby doll at one end and three women in black underwear laying on top of each other at the other end.
Raven by Still Hungry
A man and a woman looking at a clip board and a second woman looking suspiciously out to the right away from the other 2.
They are all dressed strangely in grey work type clothes with black noses.
The Long Pigs by WE3

From Day 5 of shooting we have Knot (by Nikki & JD), Filament (by Short Round Productions) and Paris de Nuit (by Recirquel) …

A man lay on the ground in white shorts holding a woman in a white one piece by the legs. The woman is leaning out almost horizontal towards a light
Knot by Nikki & JD
A young guy bounce juggling to the left hand side of the picture with a group dressed like teenagers in the background to the right looking on
Filament by Short Round Productions
A Woman in black lingerie balances in splits on a tightrope.
Paris de Nuit by Recirquel

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