After ‘Notorious Strumpet & Dangerous Girl’, by Jess Love

This response was produced as part of the #CircusVoices scheme for developing critical practice around circus arts.

Viewed at: Summerhall, Edinburgh Festival Fringe; 10th August 2018


I am given a biscuit and sit down

It’s a Nice biscuit. Offering nostalgia

and comfort and coconut. I could have

chosen custard cream or

bourbon. a


a meeting

with a human

being – honest,

kind seaweed eyes

deep & wet.


I feel the biscuit

in my throat, sticking

on the glamour of the

western binge. I am

afraid of choking

in general.


I swallow. I am

in safe dangerous hands.


Stripped back

she performs

herself, her tricks, her

mix is toxic

I feel her very close


to my bones.

She went to circus school

like me.


She skips

she hoops

she laughs

She drinks

(or used to)


She introduces

her DNA

twisting up her family tree

For a while, she is out

of the picture




She finds herself

up the tree

in her great




grey eyed


the original strumpet




A möbius strip tease


I want another biscuit.




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