‘Aerialist’, by Rebecca Truman

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rebecca’s book. Part confession, part auto-narration, not unlike Nell Stroud’s Josser, it gives a very personal insight into our aerial profession – the glittery stardom as well as the gritty pain, anguish, fear and isolation that often cycle through an aerialist’s life.

At times I wanted more detail on a topic raised, and occasionally felt elements linked somewhat randomly, but it also follows very familiar historical circus autobiographies in its approach. It is both nostalgic and contemporary.

For those of you ‘in the business’, you’ll find the recognisable with the surprising; for those who have seen Skinning the Cat over the years, you’ll find great insight into how the works of an incredible creative mind came into being – and at what cost; for those who are curious about life on the road, the circus, contemporary performing arts, there’s plenty to entertain and engender wonder too.

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  • Tom Clinton , Direct link to comment

    Rebecca’s narrative is indeed a brave and fascinating story whose artistic dedication is honestly and painfully recounted. BUT the inclusion of over 30 pieces of poetry puts this first book of of this artist on to another level of honesty about her life.

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